martes, 29 de agosto de 2017

Exposición 23, Joyería Contemporánea Iberoamericana, Lisboa, Portugal

Este año fui invitada a participar de la exposición 23, organizada por Grupo Pin, en Lisboa, Portugal.
Durante julio, en estuvo abierta al público por cerca de un mes en la Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes de Lisboa.

La pieza Ayúdame Papito, del 2013, fue la elegida para esta exposición.

fotografías cortesía de Eduardo Sousa Ribeiro

jueves, 10 de agosto de 2017

Art Santiago 2017, Gam

Este 19 y 20 de agosto estaremos en Art Stgo con una muestra colectiva de Joyería Contemporánea que reúne a 15 joyeros chilenos. Participaré con la pieza "Protección Materna", ganadora del Segundo Lugar en la Bienal Latinoamericana de Joyería Contemporánea de Buenos Aires 2016.

domingo, 11 de junio de 2017

Silver Legnica Jewelry Festival

RELATOS HABITUALES / COMMON STORIES from Joya Brava at Legnica Silver Festival 2017
Place: ArtStation, Train Station, Kolejowa 2-4
Exhibition open till: 25th May 2017

Exhibitions presents 20 Joya Brava Members: Paulina Amenábar, Caco Honorato, Vania Ruiz, Pascale Durandin, Monoco, Noelle Labarthe, Valeria Martínez, Gabriela Harsanyi, Rita Soto, Soledad Avila, Ana Nadjar, Loreto Fernández, Paulina Latorre, Natalia Saldías, Liliana Ojeda, Massiel Mar, Mónica Díaz, Pía Walker, Vivana Arévalo, Cecilia Roccatagliata.
Since April 2015, Joya Brava Association (Chile) has been working with Jorge Manilla as the tutor and curator for our latest project “Relatos Habituales” (Common Stories), that presents the work of 20 Chilean jewellers.

This workshop, that lasted over a year, had two attended stages in Chile and one from long distance, becoming an alternative to a traditional formative process (specially in a country with limited access to contemporary jewellery oriented education). 
Thus “Common Stories” presents 20 series of work narrating personal visions on identity, providing evidence to what due to its permanent presence, becomes invisible. Home adornment, aging of materials, patching, precarious repairing, and all sorts of ingenious solutions that transform and keep useful those familiar objects surrounding us, were the starting point of our research. We believe repairing and protecting is a profound Latin American habit that shaped our aesthetical perception.

jueves, 18 de mayo de 2017

The After Joya Effect. Athens Jewellery Week 2017.

Como parte de la Athens Jewellery Week, hoy se inaugura en Atenas, Grecia (uno de mis lugares favoritos del mundo mundial), la exposición "The After Joya Effect", donde participo con esta pieza junto a 35 otros artistas de 20 países. Feliz de que mis piezas viajen a tan increíbles lugares.

"The after Joya Effect” is an Exhibition that took place for the first time at Popeye loves Olive – Art Space, in 2014, in the historical center of Athens that aimed to the interaction and the transformation of individuality to collaboration, diversity to unification and exchange to sharing. This year, is the 4th edition.
36 Selected Artists from 20 different countries are called to participate in the project with the work shown in Joya Barcelona, Jewelry Art Fair, the previous year. During the event, the public will vote for their favorite artist, who will be invited for a Solo exhibition at Popeye loves Olive – Art Space the following year!
Opening: Saturday, May 20th at 19.00 '.
The exhibition will run from May 18th until June 6th, 2017.
Popeye loves Olive - Art Space
5 Libona str., Ag. Eirinis Squ.
T: 210 8673461
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 12.00 - 20.00
Amira Jalet - Costa Rica
Anne-SophieVallée - Canada
Artemis Valsamaki - Greece
Christine Jalio - Finland
Daniela Saraya - Israel
Elin Flognman - Sweden
Georgia Gremouti - Greece
Gigi Mariani - Italy
Gili Doliner - Israel
Helmi Lindblom - Finland
Irene Palomar - Argentina
Iro Kaskani - Cyprus
Isabelle Busnel - France
Jamie Chung - South Korea
Jelizaveta Suska - Sweden
Jenny Edlund - Sweden
Liana Pattihis - U.K
Malene Kastalje - Denmark
Maria Tsimpiskaki - Greece
Marie Eve Castonguay - Canada
Melina Lindroos - Finland
Mengnan Zi - China
Michelle Kraemer - Luxembourg
Magali Thibault Gobeil - Canada
Nicole Schuster - Germany
Snem Yildirim - Turkey
Sunyoung Kim - South Korea
Susanna Baldacci - Italy
Vania Ruiz - Chile
Velislava Bozhinova - Bulgaria
Viktoria Münzker - Austria
Yafit Ben Meshulam - Irael
Yannick Mur - France
Ye-Jee Lee - South Korea
Yeseul Seo - South Korea
Yiota Vogli - Greece

sábado, 11 de febrero de 2017

Serie Amor Doméstico

Domestic love
Vania Ruiz
 Model: Lulita (my grandmother)
Photography: María Valeska Cirano

 broche reversible. Caucho silicona, magnetos

Jewelry allows me to reveal aspects of our Latin American being, connecting them with my family history and nostalgia for a lost domestic space. A vanished female world that this portable scale  brings closer to the user, intimately, like a secret whispered in the ear.

The custom to “dress” home appliances is a habit I saw as a girl at my grandmother’s home, seeking to protect and integrate these strange and novel artifacts into a rural and humble Chile. Small luxuries dressed with printed covers and profusely decorated with ribbons and frills, custom-made by their owner. Domestic love thus materialized in adornment.

What, as a woman, do I want to protect today? No longer home appliances, but those devices that offer me the freedom to leave home. Sure, blameless, fearless.

As a material, rubber maintains the qualities of a cover allowing me to play with the duality of presence and absence. It protects what it masks and suggests it at the same time.

This work was developed with Joya Brava Association, tutored and curated by Jorge Manilla.

Some of the pieces are part of the "Common Stories" exhibition and others are a personal continuation of the process.

Vania R. uiz. 2016Necklace
Silicone rubber, textile trimmings, bronze.

Vania Ruiz. 2016. Brooch
Silicone rubber, bronze, steel. 

"Protección Materna"
Silicone rubber
Second Price at 1st Bienal de Joyería Contemporánea Latinoamericana de Buenos Aires. Argentina

"Protección Materna"
Silicone rubber
Second Price at 1st Bienal de Joyería Contemporánea Latinoamericana de Buenos Aires. Argentina

En un continente violentado por la Conquista, donde la figura masculina simbolizó poder y sufrimiento, fue la imagen de la Virgen, madre compasiva, y no la de Dios, padre castigador, aquella que despertó la devoción más ferviente. La Virgen, como las madres protectoras y resilientes que nos unen. 

Common Stories Exhibition at Munich Jewelry Week. Asociación Joya Brava

Common Stories, Joya Brava Association. Curator Jorge Manilla
Exhibition at Munich Jewelry Week

Rita Soto
Vania Ruiz

Since April 2015, the Chilean Association Joya Brava has been working with Jorge Manilla as tutor and curator of our most recent Project “Common Stories”, exhibition that brings together the works of 20 Chilean jewelers.
This workshop lasted over a year, had 2 in-person stages in Chile and one remote stage, which made it an alternative to the traditional training processes, with concentrated periods of work and swift progress and others more paused, of reflection and maturation.
Caco Honorato
Loreto Fernández

Thus, “Common Stories” presents 20 series of works relating personal visions on identity, making apparent what has become invisible for being so present.
Domestic esthetics, home embellishment, aging of materials, patches, precarious repairs and all classes of ingenious solutions transforming and maintaining useful the objects that surround us, were the starting point of our research. We believe that repairing and protecting are profoundly Latin American customs that gave form to our esthetical perception.
Common Stories will be presented at 3Stations Art Studio, located in Welserstrasse 15, Munich, from march 9th till march 12th. The opening will be at 3pm on Thursday 9th.

Paulina Latorre
Liliana Ojeda

Valeria Martínez



3Stations Space
Welserstrasse 15

Opening hours

Thursday 9th
3 pm - 7 pm
Friday 10th and Saturday 11th
10 am - 6 pm Sunday 12th
10 am - 2 pm

Names of the participants

20 Joya Brava Members:
Paulina Amenábar
Caco Honorato
Vania Ruiz
Pascale Durandin
Noelle Labarthe
Valeria Martínez
Gabriela Harsanyi
Rita Soto
Soledad Avila
Ana Nadjar
Loreto Fernández
Paulina Latorre
Natalia Saldías
Liliana Ojeda
Massiel Mar
Mónica Díaz
Pía Walker
Vivana Arévalo
Cecilia Roccatagliata

jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Le volvió el alma al cuerpo

Hoy se inauguró en Valparaíso una muestra en el Muro Galería del Departamento de Arquitectura UTFSM​, (mismo pasillo donde alguna vez colgué mis entregas de taller cuando estudiaba arquitectura), con la selección de 12 fotos de mis trabajos de joyería, realizados entre el 2013 y 2016 (fotos realizadas por Maria Cirano Elorrieta​, también arquitecta que esta misma Universidad). Muchas gracias a Pablo Silva Göpfert​ y Freddy Bastías por la invitación y el montaje, quedó impecable! 

La muestra se divide en 3 temas: La muerte popular, los recuerdos perdidos, y el poder robado. 

Coincidentemente, hoy 1 de diciembre, se cumplen 25 años de la muerte de mi padre, quien también fuera alumno de esta universidad y que murió a la misma edad que tengo yo ahora. 39. El relicario animita que hice para él en el 2013, encabeza la muestra.